New Book! The Dryad and the Demon Lord

Here’s a sample of my upcoming book, The Dryad and the Demon Lord, an erotically-charged, extremely hot romance. Enjoy!

Advisory: Contains sexual references from the outset.

Chapter One

On a warm day in the seventh month of the year, the demon lord Edrigor, on his way through the forest encircling his vast realm, happened upon a beautiful dryad.

Still breathing hard from the effort of containing his fury at learning the assassin had fatally poisoned himself before his men had had a chance to interrogate him, he had stalked off in an effort to calm down, and had somehow ended up far from home. Of course the effort had turned out to be futile, and only his chief advisor had tagged along, as usual. Well, no matter. Edrigor would not have tolerated anyone else while in this mood. It was also true that no one else would be able to tolerate him, either. The thought brought a twisted smile to his lips.

But this chance sighting of the dryad caused all of his anger to dissipate. His fist slowly uncurled and his hand moved up to lightly touch one of the horns on the side of his head. There was only her, and the forest. Everything else faded away.

‘My lord,’ his advisor began, shattering the illusion.

‘Leave us,’ Edrigor said without turning.

‘Yes, my lord.’

When Daven’s footsteps had completely faded, Edrigor turned his attention back to the wood nymph. She lay fast asleep beneath an oak tree, its canopy of leaves shading her from the sun’s noon rays. He stepped closer and gazed down upon her oblivious form. A garland of wildflowers and leaves was threaded through hair of spun gold flowing over her shoulders and down towards her waist. It was the exact shade of gold he had glimpsed only once in his life, in a strange place and in a strange time. Perhaps that was the cause of the odd sense of familiarity tugging at his heart. Her leaf-green slip dress barely covered her luscious figure, and part of the garment had slid down, revealing one breast. His cock hardened, straining against the confines of his trousers.

He paused and knelt down beside her. In her dream she murmured, and a slight smile crossed her rosebud lips. A pleasant dream, evidently, and the thought brought a smile to his own mouth. A light breeze lifted her hair, and the scent of flowers and honey wafted towards him. A pleasant, tender ache filled him, surprising him with its intensity.

Demons were creatures of instinct, and it was instinct which caused Edrigor to move now. He leaned over the sleeping dryad and towards her exposed breast. Her nipple was invitingly pink and erect in the cool breeze, ready and waiting for his mouth to suckle on it. It was a demon’s way to indulge in lust at any time, anywhere, with anyone. Whether it was in public or private was of no consequence. Entire days and nights would be spent with harpies and succubi, several of them pleasuring him and each other in lustful abandon.

Edrigor panted with the effort of containing his passion for this unknown dryad. He must have sex with her, and soon, before the physical pain of not doing so grew too great. He would gently nudge her awake, he decided, and then surely she would eagerly embrace him and beg him to pleasure her, thereby easing the agony of his unspent lust. He moved to drag his trousers down past his hips and pull out his cock. Before he could complete the action, a cloud passed over the dim red sun, darkening the sky further. A slight frown puckered the dryad’s brow and her eyes opened. Bright, clear blue eyes met his dark russet ones.

Unexpectedly, she whimpered and cringed away from him. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she followed that up with a piercing scream that could probably be heard all the way back at his castle.

The sound of her sheer terror startled him, and he fell back on the ground, stunned. The dryad spared him one more frightened glance and then she fled, her golden hair streaming out behind her like a glorious banner.


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